Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor and/or Exhibit at the National Conference

  • The Society’s National Conference takes place annually in late June or early July.
    • The 2018 Conference will take place June 20 - 23 in Washington DC.
  • Opportunities include sponsorship of receptions, plenary panels, keynote addresses, Wi-Fi access, and conference emails, contributions to items in the conference bag and more.
  • Exhibit in the National Conference Exhibit Hall with 40+ of your peers.

Sponsor the Society’s Essentials Seminar

  • The Society’s Essentials Seminar takes place annually in late January in Orlando, Florida
    • The 2018 Essentials Conference will take place January 31 - February 2.
    • Opportunities include co-sponsorship of the entire conference, as well sponsorship of individual portions (receptions, lunches, etc.).
    • Recent sponsorship rates: Seminar co-sponsorship - $5,000; Reception sponsorship - $3,500; Luncheon sponsorship - $3,500; Breakfast sponsorship -$3,000; Panel sponsorship - $2,500; Wireless Internet co-sponsorship - $2,500.
  • Email Luke Vander Linden to express interest in sponsorship opportunities.
  • Email Khalilah Wyatt if interested in exhibiting at Essentials.

Sponsor Essentials Express Seminar and Regional Conferences

  • The Society generally holds an Essentials Express Seminar (a shorter version of the full Essentials Seminar) in conjunction with a Regional Conference annually during the Fall. 
  • The 2017 Essentials Express will be held on October 31 - November 1 in Boston, MA. Essentials Express will be followed by the Eastern New England Chapter Conference.
  • Essentials Express/Regional Conferences opportunities include sponsorship of seminar sessions, receptions, and lunches as well as an opportunity to exhibit
    • Recent sponsorship rates: Table Top in Exhibit Hall - $1,500
  • Email Luke Vander Linden for details.

    Sponsor the Society’s weekly newsletter, the Society Alert

    • The Alert is sent to all 3,200+ members on a weekly basis, and gets an average of 1,000 opens.
    • The Society currently offers two sponsorships per issue: 1) a logo and hyperlink on the upper right hand side; and 2) a logo and hyperlink at the bottom.
    • Email Luke Vander Linden for more information on being an Alert sponsor.

    Co-Author with the Society on Governance Research or a Thought Piece

    • The Society collaborates with Service Partners and other thought leaders on governance research publications.
    • Email Randi Morrison or Teresa Webb if you are interested in working with the Society on a publication.

    List your product/services on the online service pArtner directory

    Sponsor a Society Webinar

    • The Society periodically produces webinars for our members on a variety of topics.
    • The Society seeks one sponsor per webinar; the sponsorship includes a logo on presentation slides and on all invitation and confirmation emails.
    • Email Teresa Webb to be contacted when webinar sponsorship opportunities arise.

    Bundled Sponsorship Opportunities

    • If you are planning on making a significant commitment to many of the opportunities listed above, you may be eligible to bundle your sponsorship commitments
      • The Service Provider will generally receive a 10-15% discount on the total sponsorship commitment
      • Entire payment is due to the Society when the agreement is reached.2017-2018_Sponsorship_Kit_-_91317.pdf
    • Email Luke Vander Linden to discuss the possibility of a bundled agreement.


     Download Sponsorship Brochure