Bracebridge H. Young Award

The Bracebridge H. Young Distinguished Service Award was created to recognize persons who have rendered unusual or exceptional service, or service consistently rendered over a period of years, that directly furthers the Society's goals in a significant manner.  It is the Society's highest honor.

James P. Ryan  1988
Alan P. Vandevert 1989
John J. Phelan, Jr. 1990
Donald D. Geary 1992
Victor Futter 1994
Jerome W. Breslow 1995
John B. Meagher 1997
Terence J. Gallagher 1998
Cheryl A. Sorokin 1999
Archie M. Bankston 2000
Nicholas J. Calise 2001
James E. Buck 2002
Don Hager 2003
Martin S. Wagner 2004
Earl R. Franklin 2005
James T. Byrne, Jr. 2006
Blanca N. Rosbach 2007
Carl T. Hagberg 2008
Robert B. Lamm 2009
David W. Smith 2010
Neila B. Radin  2011
Kathleen E. Shannon 2012
Cary I. Klafter 2013
Grace B. Holmes 2014
Amy L. Goodman 2015
Amy C. Corn 2016
Anthony J. Horan 2016

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