Board of Directors

Directors should be voting members of the Society. Associate and Honorary members are not eligible. The directors, other than the ex-officio directors, are divided into three classes, each composed of one-third of the total number of directors. Board Directors serve four-year terms.

The Chairman of the Board, who served as Chairman-Elect in the previous year, serves a one-year term and is elected at the annual meeting. The selection of the Chairman-elect and new directors begins early in the calendar year when the Nominating and Governance Committee invites suggestions for nominations from past and current chapter presidents, the chapter advisory committees and the general membership. Prior to his or her nomination, the Chairman-Elect shall have served or be serving as a director or Chairman of a standing committee of the Society. After nominations are reviewed by the Nominating and Governance Committee, the Committee will propose a slate to the full board. If approved, the nominees are presented for election at the annual meeting.

Executive Steering Committee

Members of the Executive Steering Committee consist of the Chairman of the Board, the immediate past Chairman of the Board, the Chairman-Elect and four members of the Board of Directors nominated by the Chairman of the Board. The Executive Steering Committee is elected by a majority of the Board of Directors. 


The only officers of the Society elected by members are the Chairman of the Board and Chairman-Elect. The Board of Directors appoints a President and may also appoint one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and other officers, assistants and agents as, from time to time, may appear to be necessary or advisable in the conduct of the affairs of the Society.

Committee Chairs

The traditional practice in choosing committee chairs has been that the outgoing Chair of a committee, having completed their 3 year term, will recommend a successor to the Chairman of the Board. Recommended qualities for Committee chairs are as follows:

  • Has knowledge of the topics in which the committee is involved;
  • Has demonstrated interest in and active involvement with the Society;
  • Endorses and furthers the Society’s mission;
  • Has excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Inspires and motivates Society members;
  • Respects and supports established processes and procedures.