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Governance Minutes, a monthly brief interview on hot topics for the corporate secretary

Society Webinar, Exclusive Forum Bylaws: Should You or Shouldn't You?, December 09, 2013

Videos from the Society's 2013 National Conference

Society Webinar, 2014 Proxy Season: Proxy Statement Design & Architecture, September 24, 2013

Society Webinar, 2013 National Conference Download, July 29, 2013

PwC Webinar, ProxyPulse Webcast: Proxy Season Voting Update, June 10, 2013, with the Society's Ken Bertsch, PwC's Paul DeNicola, and Broadridge's Michelle Jackson

Society Webinar, Proxy Season Half-Time Show, May 15, 2013

Society Webinar, Escheatment: Effective Management in an Era of Hungry State Governments, April 4, 2013

Society Webinar, 10b5-1 Plans: Dynamics and Developments, March 6, 2013

NIRI IR Today Interview, 13F Reform Explained, February 12, 2013, with Scott Cutler (NYSE) and Jeffrey Morgan (NIRI)

2013 Essentials Seminar Panel Discussion, 2013 Proxy Season Preview, February 1, 2013, with Robert Lamm (Pfizer), Lori Zyskowski (GE) and David M. Martin (Society)

2013 Essentials Seminar, My Life as a Corporate Secretary: Making the Best of a Pretty Good Thing, February 1, 2013, talk by Paul Washington (Time Warner)

2013 Essentials Seminar Panel Discussion, Taking Minutes, February 1, 2013, with Gina Merritt-Epps (South Jersey Industries), Michael P. Matthews (Foley & Lardner), Beverly O'Toole (Goldman Sachs) and Paul Washington (Time Warner)

Governance Minutes - Special Edition, Political Contributions and Lobbying Disclosure, January 16, 2013, with former SEC Commissioners Paul Atkins and Kathy Casey

Society Webinar, Protecting Your Company from Proxy Disclosure Litigation, January 10, 2013, with David Katz (Wachtell Lipton), John Seethoff (Microsoft), Evan Sloves (Cisco), Robert Varian (Orrick) and Darla Stuckey (Society)