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Membership Eligibility

Membership in the Society is open to individuals who are:

  • Persons whose primary roles are as corporate secretaries and assistant corporate secretaries of legal entities;
  • General Counsel or persons associated with the corporate counsel office;
  • Other employees of legal entities who have a substantial involvement with the corporate governance, secretarial, corporate counsel, ethics or compliance functions within their entity;
  • Persons with firms that provide services to the corporate secretarial, governance, ethics or compliance function (such as attorneys in private practice, accountants, bank trust officers, financial printers, software providers, proxy solicitors, and transfer agents).
  • Institutional investors, educational institutions, academia, proxy voting advisory services or other entities interested in the work of the Society (Affiliate).

Membership Options

Individual Membership - Under the Individual membership, membership in the Society is held by the individual rather than the corporation. A member’s status is not affected by changes in duties, company affiliation or retirement. The Individual membership rate is $695 per year.

Company Membership – The Company rate option is open to corporate entities and law firms. The Company rate is not available to service providers. Under Company membership, the individual still holds the membership, with each individual holding one vote. The annual rate for the first member at an entity is $695. Rates for additional members under Company membership are offered at a discount on a sliding scale depending on the number of members. An entity set up under the Company rate is permitted to switch members in the course of the membership year. We recommend Company membership for any entity with more than one member who wishes to receive one invoice.

The sliding scale rate for Company Membership is as follows:

Number of Members

Member Cost

Entity Cost



















7 or more

$400 each



To learn more about Company Membership, contact Orionis Mercado at or call 212-681-2010.

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